About Us

Thank you for visiting the Fullpip Gun Dogs & Shooting Accessories website.

We supply gun dog accessories and shooting accessories throughout Cambridgeshire, Suffolk, Norfolk and the East of England as well as nationally.

My name is Howard Rudkin. I have been working gun dogs for almost 35 years. In that time I have come across many lovely people and interesting characters in the shooting field.

One thing that has always been top of my thoughts is providing a team of picking up dogs that find game. To do this we need top quality gear and many hours of patience training our four-legged buddies.

Some of the products that you will see on offer are our own design, most recently The Countryman's Journal.

I am happy to say that we are able to offer dog training gear from RRT in the USA and our own brand of Leather Shooting Accessories, all hand made in the UK.

I also have the pleasure of being the Chapel Farm Work Dog supplier for Cambridgeshire and the Eastern Region.

We also undertake repair work on treasured gun-slips, cartridge bags , Gun boxes.