These .22 calibre launcher blanks are designed to be used in a dummy launcher. Available in 3 power levels:

Green: Lowest level charge - will send a dummy up to  60- 100ft  ( Hand Launcher )

Yellow: medium level charge - will send a dummy 120 - 175ft (  Hand Launcher, Lucky Launcher II Kits, RRT remote Launchers)

Red: high level charge - will send a dummy 200 - 250ft  ( RRT Remote Launchers, Side-Kick and Versa Launchers) 

Price includes Shipping 

Single Box  £17.70

2-5 Boxes £16.45 per Box

6-10 £ 14.52 per Box 

Please NOTE Prior to ordering 

Fullpip Gundogs can ship Blanks within the UK, including the Scottish Highlands, Islands  not Northern Ireland. However we are unable to ship ammunition outside the UK.

 Please do not order to use these blanks for firing pistols.
Age restriction  Sold only to 18 years or above

    These blanks are made by RRT who recommend the regular cleaning of all products both launchers and launcher dummies to prevent the potentially dangerous build-up of gunpowder residue from used blanks

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RRT Launcher Blanks

  • Brand: RRT
  • Product Code: Retriev-R-Trainer Launcher Blanks
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  • £17.50

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